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Autoplugin RCP Ч Advanced Heater Remote Control

Autoplugin RCP module

Autoplugin RCP is interface module between Ford factory equipped fuel-fired heater (FFH)
and control device. It allows to connect almost any convenient remote control to FFH.

Autoplugin RCP uses permanent or quick (plug-n-play) connection to the wiring
and controls the heater via CAN-bus.
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1. Remote Start / Stop of FFH

Ford C-Max and Heater Remote Control

Autoplugin RCP lets you to start and stop the fuel fired heater by remote control. And certainly, you can use
driver information system to program heater start, as you did it before.

2. Variety of Remote Controls

Variety remote controls

Autoplugin RCP has a set of inputs for easy connection of diverse remotes, like Webasto Telestart (supplied in
Autoplugin WTS Kit), Eberspächer Easy Start, Defa Smart Start (included to Autoplugin RCP Smart Start Kit),
GSM-modules (to control heater using mobile phone), alarm systems controls, etc. ♦

Note! If you plan to use Autoplugin RCP in conjunction with Smart Start remote control (for example, from Defa WarmUp kit), we recommend you to order a special version of RCP with Kit documentation / settings and without remote control in the set.
You can make this choice in the purchase section of the Smart Start Kit.

3. Remote Feedback

Ford Focus Heater Remote Control Feedback You can get information about FFH operation if remote control can display it.

4. Optional Button for Heater Control and LED Functions ♦

An additional button may be installed on console for one-touch FFH start / stop,
boost mode control and easy settings change.

Button functions:

  • Heater immediate Start
  • Heater immediate Stop
  • One-time boost disable
  • One-time boost enable

    LED is used to indicate:

  • FFH boost mode
  • Run-time errors of FFH
  • Confirm the button presses

    5. Embedded Start / Stop of FFH by Ford Remote Key

    Autoplugin RCP lets you immediately start of fuel-fired heater by original 3-button Ford remote key. It uses a combination of Lock button presses (3 times by default) to activate this function. A back-up remote is always with you now.

    6. Startup and Operation Process Indication
    by Direction Indicators

    Autoplugin RCP may flash by direction indicators in rear-view mirrors to inform user that the heater started and operates. It's adjustable function, which may be switched on or off (set by default).

    7. Extended Control of Boost Heat Mode

    Autoplugin RCP has several adjustable functions to control boost heat mode

  • Boost heat mode disabling by coolant temperature: Autoplugin RCP doesn't let FFH start with
    engine, if its temperature is higher than programmed one. It can be useful to prevent
    short operation cycles, which may result in heater clogging.
  • Boost heat mode permanently enabled / disabled by module RCP
  • One-time enabling of the boost heat mode by additional button (if boost heat mode
    permanently disabled by RCP) ♦
  • One-time disabling of boost heat mode by additional button. This function is may be
    useful in short trips, for example. ♦

    8. Main Battery Protection from Discharging

    Fuel-fired heater uses energy of the vehicle's main battery to operate, not only fuel.
    Autoplugin RCP may control a level of battery voltage to prevent the battery from discharging.

    The level can be adjusted in accordance of battery condition. Also you can limit time
    of autonomous work of FFH.

    9. Errors Reset (Unblocking)

    If your heater doesn't burn after start, the ECU of FFH stops the heater and fixes an error in memory. After 5 unsuccessful starts FFH is being blocked. If a problem is not caused by FFH malfunction (ex. exhaust system is clogged by snow), it can be enough to reset ECU errors by RCP.

    Please pay attention, this function may be used only for that vehicle, in which it was activated for the first time.

    10. Control of External Devices ♦

    Autoplugin RCP allows you to control external devices while the heater operates. Functions and examples of their use:

  • Disconnection of consumers during the heater operation to conserve battery power (for example, turning off the climate control fan)
  • Disable highly sensitive sensors of additional alarm system to prevent false alarm triggering when the heater operates

    11. Plug and Play or Permanent Installation

    Autoplugin RCP may be connected:

  • To the OBD-II diagnostic connector on the dashboard using a special cable (included). The module is fixed on the back side of the dashboard (or into the small glove box in Focus) with tape. PnP-connector and wiring are hidden under the cover of the OBD connector.
  • Hidden easy permanent connection to the OBD II wires with quick splice connectors
  • Hidden permanent connection to the car wiring

    12. Compatibility

    Ford Focus 3 Estate Ford Focus 3 Hatchback Ford Focus 3 Sedan Ford C-Max 2 Ford Grand C-Max
    Autoplugin RCP is compatible to Ford Focus, C-Max and Kuga models, factory equipped with Eberspächer
    Hydronic fuel-fired heaters BE5WS and D5WS:

  • Ford Focus 3 2010Ч2014
  • Ford Kuga 2 2012Ч...
  • Ford C-Max 2 2010Ч...
  • Ford Grand C-Max 2010Ч...
    ♦ This functions can be used only with permanent connection to the car wiring
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